The Provider Studio Analytics Tab

Provider Studio analytics let you track the usage of your data in the Snowflake Marketplace. Snowflake shares a number of metrics in addition to the trends displayed on the Provider Studio Home tab. Information about usage is centralized on the Provider Studio Analytics tab.

The metrics visualized on the Analytics tab are obtained by querying the data sharing usage for your listings. For more details, see Data Sharing Usage. While Snowflake provides a set of visualizations, you can also query the data sharing usage tables directly.


The metrics are derived from data that is available only to the account that published the individual listing. By default, only account administrators (users with the ACCOUNTADMIN role) in the account can perform queries on data sharing usage; however, privileges can be granted to other roles in your account to allow other users access. For more details, see Enabling Account Usage for Other Roles.


The following metrics are available on the Provider Studio Analytics tab.



Active consumers

The number of unique consumers that have queried your data.

Consumer requests

The number of consumers that have requested your data.

Listings mounted

The number of listings that consumers have mounted in their accounts.

Listing views

The number of times your marketplace listings have been viewed. A 28-day period of listings viewed is displayed in the Trends section of your Provider Studio Home tab.

Queries executed

The number of queries executed against data you’ve shared in the marketplace. A 28-day period of queries executed is displayed in the Trends section of your Provider Studio Home tab.

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