Managing listing requests as a provider

You might get requests for a listing depending on how you offer your data product:

  • You offer a limited trial listing and consumers request the full data product after a trial.

  • You offer a free listing and choose to manually fulfill your data product in remote regions.

Review and respond to listing requests

To view requests for the data product attached to a listing, do the following:

  1. Sign in to Snowsight.

  2. In the left navigation bar, select Data » Provider Studio.

  3. In the Listings section, locate the listing for which you want to view requests.

  4. Select Consumer Requests to view requests from consumers.

    You can review details about the consumer requesting the data product, such as their Snowflake region, company, contact information, and a brief message from the consumer.

Depending on the type of listing you offer, take next steps:


Next steps

Free listing with manual fulfillment

To fulfill a consumer request for a free listing in a remote region, manually replicate the listing. See Manually replicate data before fulfilling a listing request.

Limited trial listing

To fulfill a consumer request for the full data product after evaluating your limited trial, contact the consumer and share a data product with them privately. See Fulfill a limited trial listing request for a full data product.

Fulfill a limited trial listing request for a full data product

When you publish a limited trial listing, consumers can get the trial and request the full data product.

After a consumer requests the full data product, fulfill their request by following these steps:

  1. Optionally contact the consumer to gather more details about their data product request and if relevant, negotiate payment terms.

  2. Prepare the data product for the consumer. See Preparing to offer a limited trial listing.

  3. Fulfill the data product request by publishing a private listing to the consumer. See Create a free private listing.

Fulfill a listing request from a remote region

If a consumer in a remote region wants to install your data product but you have not yet replicated it to their region, you must manually replicate the data product in order to fulfill the consumer request in that region.

Manually replicate data to fulfill a listing request

If you offer free listings with manual data product fulfillment, you must manually replicate the data product to other regions when consumers request your listing.

To manually replicate the data product to other regions, you must do the following:

  1. Set up accounts in the regions where you make your listing available. The remote accounts must be part of the same organization as the account you published the listing from.

  2. Set up provider profiles for each account.

  3. Replicate the data product to each account. You do not need to replicate the data to a region until a consumer in that region requests it.

See Sharing Data Securely Across Regions and Cloud Platforms for details on creating accounts in the relevant remote regions and replicating the data shares used by your listings.

After completing those steps, you can approve listing requests.

Approve a listing request

To approve and fulfill listing requests, you must use a role that has been granted or inherits the OWNERSHIP or MODIFY privilege on the listing.

To approve a request for a data product by a specific consumer:

  1. Sign in to Snowsight.

  2. In the left navigation bar of Snowsight, select Data » Provider Studio.

  3. Select the listing for which you want to view requests.

  4. For the listing, select Consumer Requests.

  5. Select the consumer request that you want to fulfill.

  6. Sign in to the account in the remote region where the consumer is located.

  7. Select the role in that account that has the OWNERSHIP privilege on the share and the shared database objects, or has the necessary privileges on the database objects to be able to add them to a share.

  8. Choose Select Data.

  9. If a secure share exists, navigate to the share, and select it. If a share does not exist, navigate to the desired database, and select the database objects you want to add to the share.


    If you do not see a share, it is either already attached to another listing, or has been previously shared with consumers.

  10. Select Associate Selected Data to associate the share in the remote region to this listing.

  11. Select Done.

  12. Select Fulfill Request.

The consumer request for that region shows as approved and subsequent consumers in that region can instantly get your data product.

To approve all requests for a data product in a specific region:

  1. Sign in to Snowsight.

  2. In the left navigation bar of Snowsight, select Data » Provider Studio.

  3. Select the listing for which you want to view requests.

  4. In the message noting that Data unavailable in some regions, select associate shares.

  5. For the Region, select the region that you want to fulfill the data product to.

  6. For Configuration:

    1. Sign in to an account or choose an account that you are already signed in to.

    2. Select the role that owns the data that you want to share.

    3. Select the data objects or secure share that you want to attach to the listing in the remote region. If you choose data objects, a secure share is created for you.

    4. Select Associate Selected Data.

  7. Select Done.

The requests for any consumers in that region show as approved.

Viewing shares in a remote region

If you manually replicated data for a listing in a remote region and want to view the shares attached to the listing, you must sign in to the remote account you used to attach the share to the listing.