About sharing with listings

With listings, you can provide data and other information to other Snowflake users, and you can access data and other information shared by Snowflake providers.

You can explore, access, and provide listings to consumers privately and on the Snowflake Marketplace.

What is a listing?

A listing is an enhanced method of Secure Data Sharing and uses the same provider and consumer model.

As a provider, you can share a Snowflake Native App or data in your Snowflake account by creating and publishing a listing to specific Snowflake accounts or on the Snowflake Marketplace. To get started, see Becoming a provider of listings.

As a consumer, you can access a Snowflake Native App or data shared by other Snowflake accounts on the Snowflake Marketplace or privately with your account using a listing. To get started, see Becoming a consumer of listings.

Listings add capabilities to Secure Data Sharing such as the following:

  • Offer a share publicly on the Snowflake Marketplace.

  • Charge consumers for access to the data in the share.

  • Monitor interest in your listing and usage of the data in the share.

  • Provide metadata about the share, such as a title, description, sample SQL queries, and information about the data provider.

For more details about listings compared with other types of sharing at Snowflake, see Overview of Data Sharing at Snowflake.

You can explore listings and providers on the Snowflake Marketplace through Snowsight. See About Snowflake Marketplace.


To use listings and the Snowflake Marketplace, you need to agree to additional terms. See Legal requirements for providers and consumers of listings.

When you decide to offer data and apps to consumers, you choose how to make your data product available to consumers and how consumers can access your data product.

Listing availability options

When you offer a listing, you choose how to make your data product available to consumers:

  • Privately, available only to specific consumers. Private listings let you take advantage of the capabilities of listings to share data and other information directly with other Snowflake accounts in any Snowflake region.

  • Publicly, visible on the Snowflake Marketplace. You can offer listings on the Snowflake Marketplace to market your data product across the Snowflake Data Cloud. Offering a listing on the Snowflake Marketplace lets you share curated data offerings with many consumers simultaneously, rather than maintaining sharing relationships with each individual consumer.

    See About Snowflake Marketplace for more about publishing on the Snowflake Marketplace.

Listing access options

When you offer a listing, you choose how consumers can access your data product:

Free listings

A free listing is available privately to specific consumers, or publicly on the Snowflake Marketplace, and provides instant access to a full published dataset.

When published on the Snowflake Marketplace, this type of listing is best for providing generic, aggregated, or non-customer-specific data. When shared privately with specific consumers, you can use this type of listing to provide data products to existing business partners at no cost or according to negotiated payment terms.

For more information about creating free listings, see Creating and publishing a listing.

Limited trial listings

A limited trial listing is available on the Snowflake Marketplace and provides instant limited access to a data product.

A provider can choose whether to offer a subset of data as part of the trial data product, or make the full product available for a short period of time, or something else.

Consumers can trial the data product attached to the limited trial listing and request unlimited access to your data product. A provider can then choose who to offer the full data product to and whether (or how much) to charge for the data product. For example, in response to a request you might offer:

  • A free private listing to a consumer with whom you have an existing business relationship or with whom you have negotiated payment terms.

  • A paid private listing to a consumer, using one of the pricing models offered by Snowflake.

Limited trial listings let providers make a data product visible to and free to try by anyone on the Snowflake Marketplace, but fully available only to consumers that they choose to do business with. This type of listing is best for providing customer-specific data, or for cases when you want to allow only certain consumers to purchase your data product due to licensing agreements, regulatory requirements, or other commercial reasons.

For guidance preparing to offer your data product as a limited trial, see Preparing to offer a limited trial listing.