About Snowflake Marketplace

The Snowflake Marketplace is where you can explore, access, and provide listings to consumers.

About the Snowflake Marketplace

You can use the Snowflake Marketplace to discover and access third-party data and services, as well as market your own data products across the Snowflake Data Cloud.

As a data provider, you can use listings on the Snowflake Marketplace to share curated data offerings with many consumers simultaneously, rather than maintain sharing relationships with each individual consumer. With Paid listings, you can also charge for your data products.

As a consumer, you might use the data provided on the Snowflake Marketplace to explore and access the following:

  • Historical data for research, forecasting, and machine learning.

  • Up-to-date streaming data, such as current weather and traffic conditions.

  • Specialized identity data for understanding subscribers and audience targets.

  • New insights from unexpected sources of data.

The Snowflake Marketplace is available globally to all non-VPS Snowflake accounts hosted on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, with the exception of Microsoft Azure Government. Support for Microsoft Azure Government is planned.


If you are using private connectivity to access the Snowflake Marketplace through Snowsight, you must first create a CNAME record, as described in the Snowflake documentation:

What can I do in the Snowflake Marketplace?

After you join the Snowflake Marketplace, you can do the following:

  • As a provider, you can do the following:

    • Publish listings for free-to-use datasets to generate interest and new opportunities among the Snowflake customer base.

    • Publish listings with samples of datasets that can be provided on request or customized for a specific consumer.

    • Share live datasets securely and in real-time without creating copies of the data or imposing data integration tasks on the consumer.

    • Eliminate the costs of building and maintaining APIs and data pipelines to deliver data to customers.

    See Becoming a provider of listings and Creating and publishing a listing for more.

  • As a consumer, you can do the following:

    • Discover and test third-party data sources.

    • Receive frictionless access to raw data products from vendors.

    • Combine new datasets with your existing data in Snowflake to derive new business insights.

    • Have datasets available instantly and updated continually for users.

    • Eliminate the costs of building and maintaining various APIs and data pipelines to load and update data.

    • Use the business intelligence (BI) tools of your choice.

    See Becoming a consumer of listings and Exploring listings for more.