Becoming a consumer of listings

Why become a Snowflake consumer?

If you want to access listings shared privately or on the Snowflake Marketplace, become a Snowflake consumer. You can also access data shared as part of direct shares or data exchanges, which offer more limited data sharing capabilities.

As a consumer of listings, you can do the following:

  • Easily access data in listings shared from other cloud platforms and Snowflake regions.

  • Pay for listings inside Snowflake instead of negotiating billing with each listing provider.

  • Get more information about data in a listing, such as example SQL queries.

To become a consumer of listings, you must meet the following requirements:

Accept the Snowflake Consumer Terms of Service

The organization administrator only needs to accept the Snowflake Consumer Terms of Service once for your organization. After the terms have been accepted, anyone in your organization that has a role with the necessary privileges can become a consumer of listings.


You must be an organization administrator (i.e. a user granted the ORGADMIN role) to accept the terms.

To review and accept the Snowflake Consumer Terms of Service, do the following:

  1. Sign in to Snowsight.

  2. Select Admin » Billing & Terms.

  3. In the Snowflake Marketplace section, review the Consumer Terms of Service.

  4. If you agree to the terms, select Accept Terms & Conditions.

For details about the terms of service, see Legal requirements for providers and consumers of listings.

Set up required privileges

To access a listing, you must use the ACCOUNTADMIN role or another role with the CREATE DATABASE and IMPORT SHARE privileges. To pay for a paid listing, your role must also have the PURCHASE DATA EXCHANGE LISTING privilege.

If you do not have these privileges to get access to listings, you can ask your account administrator to do one of the following:

  • Grant the CREATE DATABASE and IMPORT SHARE privileges to a role on your account so that you can get access to listings.

  • Get a listing for your account, then grant the IMPORTED PRIVILEGES privilege on the database created from the listing to a role on your account. This lets you access to the data in the listing without having access to get any listing on the Snowflake Marketplace or privately.

See Granting Privileges on a Shared Database for more details about the privileges associated with listings.