Removing listings as a provider

If you need to remove a listing for any reason, follow these steps.

About deleting a listing

When you delete a listing, you permanently remove the listing. A deleted listing cannot be recovered or republished to the Snowflake Marketplace.

If you want to delete a listing published in the Snowflake Marketplace, you must unpublish it first. See Unpublishing a listing.

If there are consumers using your Marketplace listing or private paid listing, Snowflake retires your listing instead of deleting it. See Retiring a listing.

Free private listings are deleted immediately.

If your data was replicated to other regions using cross-cloud auto-fulfillment, it is removed from those regions when you delete the listing.

Delete a listing

To delete a listing, do the following:

  1. Sign into Snowsight.

  2. In the left navigation bar, select Data » Provider Studio.

  3. Select the Listings tab, then select the name of the listing you want to delete.

  4. If the listing is active, in the top-right corner, select Live » Unpublish.

  5. Select Delete.

  6. If your listing has consumers, review the Initiate Listing & Consumer Access Removal summary, and then select Initiate Removal.

  7. To confirm that you want to remove the listing, select Proceed. This process cannot be reversed.

  8. Select Done.

Retiring a listing

If you delete a listing that consumers are using, the listing is retired before it is deleted. In this case, the following happens:

  • Consumers using your listing are immediately notified by email that the listing is retired.

  • Consumers retain access to your listing until the last day of the next month after you delete the listing. For example, if you delete a listing on March 3, the consumers retain access until April 30.