About the Snowflake Connector for ServiceNow®V2

Snowflake Connector for ServiceNow®V2

The Snowflake Connector for ServiceNow®V2 enables you to ingest ServiceNow® data into your Snowflake account.

ServiceNow® is a cloud-based platform that delivers workflows for service management including incident management, change management, asset management, configuration management, service catalog, request fulfillment, etc.

The Snowflake Connector for ServiceNow®V2 allows you to ingest data from ServiceNow® into Snowflake automatically. The connector supports both the initial load of historical data as well as incremental updates. The latest data is regularly pulled from ServiceNow®. You control how frequently it is refreshed.


Data ingestion relies on v2 of the ServiceNow® table API.

The connector lets you replicate key dimensions and metrics from ServiceNow®, including:

  • Incidents

  • Changes

  • Users

  • Service catalog items

  • Configuration items

  • Company assets

Known Limitations

The Snowflake Connector for ServiceNow®V2 has the following limitations:

  • Accounts in government regions are not supported.

  • You can install only one instance of the connector for each Snowflake account. To install multiple instances of the connector, you must create a separate account for each connector.

  • To install and configure the connector, you must be logged in as a user with the ACCOUNTADMIN role. Other roles are not supported at this time.

  • The connector can only ingest ServiceNow® tables with the sys_id column present.

  • Changes to ServiceNow® table schema are not reflected in already ingested rows, unless they are updated.

  • ServiceNow® views are not supported.

  • Archived records in ServiceNow® are not ingested into Snowflake. See here for more details.

  • Real-time ingestion is not supported. The smallest possible ingestion schedule is every 30 minutes.

  • The connector does not work with ServiceNow® instances where IP address access control has been configured to deny access from an outside network.

  • The connector does not work with a ServiceNow® instance that is hidden behind a VPN.

  • Replication of the connector to failover region is not automatic and requires additional manual steps.

  • The connector does not support MANAGED ACCESS destination schemas.

  • The connector requires the AUTOCOMMIT parameter to be enabled.

  • The connector requires a virtual warehouse with AUTO_RESUME enabled. Serverless is not supported. Connector procedures are not guaranteed to work when called using serverless compute.

  • Executing certain procedures via external tasks is not supported, that is: