About the Snowflake Connector for ServiceNow

The Snowflake Connector for ServiceNow® enables you to ingest ServiceNow data into your Snowflake account.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that delivers workflows for service management including incident management, change management, asset management, configuration management, service catalog, request fulfillment, etc.

The Snowflake Connector for ServiceNow allows you to ingest data from ServiceNow into Snowflake automatically. The connector supports both the initial load of historical data as well as incremental updates. The latest data is regularly pulled from ServiceNow. You control how frequently it is refreshed.


Data ingestion relies on v2 of the ServiceNow table API.

The connector lets you replicate key dimensions and metrics from ServiceNow, including:

  • Incidents

  • Changes

  • Users

  • Service catalog items

  • Configuration items

  • Company assets