Work with applications as a consumer

Consumers can discover and install applications published to the Snowflake Marketplace or shared using private listings.

The Native Apps Framework allows consumers to perform the following:

  • Use the application by accessing data via Snowflake worksheets.

  • View Streamlit apps created by the provider.

  • Grant privileges on the application to users in your organization.

  • Associate references that allow access to object required by the application.

  • Share event and logging information with the provider.

Consumer workflow for working with a Snowflake Native App

The following workflow outlines the general process for working with applications as a consumer:

  1. Becoming a consumer of listings.

  2. Install an application from a listing.

  3. Review the access requests from the application.

    This includes granting the privileges and creating references required by the application.

  4. (Optional) Set up an event table to enable logging and event sharing for an application.