Provider Studio

These topics provide concepts and detailed instructions about how to use Provider Studio in the Snowflake Marketplace.

Provider Studio Overview

Provider Studio is a central place for Snowflake data providers to view important information about Snowflake Marketplace in one central place. From Provider Studio you can access the following tabs:

  • Home

    The Home tab contains the following sections:

    • Trends

      An insight in the consumer activities, such as the number of queries executed, number of viewed listings, and number of executed queries by consumer for a specific period of time. You can expand the data for a longer period of time by clicking the More link.

    • Getting Started

      Provides links to resource to help you understand the Snowflake Marketplace, creating listings, and more.

    • Announcements

      The latest announcements from the Snowflake Marketplace team on the required actions and the new functionality or enhancements available to you.

    • Action Items

      A list of approved or denied provider profiles and listings that you have submitted for review. It also includes data requests from consumers that require your attention.

  • Analytics

    The Analytics tab provides detailed metrics about your listings, such as number of views and usage. For more information, see The Provider Studio Analytics Tab.

  • Listings

    The Listings tab provides information about your draft and published listings. See Managing Data Listings for more information.

  • Profile

    The Profile tab shows the profiles associated with your account and their status. See Managing Provider Profiles for more information.

  • Learn

    The Learn tab provides links to resources to help you get started with Snowflake Marketplace. See The Provider Studio Learn Tab for more information.

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