Troubleshooting the Snowflake Connector for PostgreSQL


The Snowflake Connector for PostgreSQL is subject to the Connector Terms.

If you face any issues with the connector during the private preview, please reach out to your sales engineer for assistance. When submitting a support case, sharing logs for our engineering team is crucial for a swift resolution.

Snowflake is distributing the Connector via Native App Framework, thus metrics logs are not automatically shared back to Snowflake.

The connector utilizes two types of log streams:

  • Native Application logs collected to the event table logs collected by the native application.

  • Logs collected by the Agent, which runs in the customer infrastructure.

Process of sharing the logs

In this section, you will learn how to share logs from the connector back to Snowflake.

Sharing the native app Logs

The Native App Logs are gathered in the account event table. The Native App Framework offers a feature to enable log sharing back to the provider.



Historical log sharing is currently unavailable. If the issue arose before logs could be shared back to the provider, please download the application’s event table and share it as a zip file.

Sharing the agent logs

The agent replicates to its Native App counterpart. To share the agent logs back to Snowflake:

  1. Access the agent logs table as described in Viewing the agent logs.

  1. Select Download or View Results.

  2. Click Export.

  3. Send the downloaded log file and a description of the issue to your sales engineer.


Snowflake recommends compressing the downloaded log files since they are often large and can easily be compressed.

Recovering from ingestion issues

If you suspect that the ingestion process is stuck for a long time, you can run a stored procedure that attempts to repair the connector. To initiate a repair process, run the following command:



The procedure does not solve all problems with the connector. It is safe to run the procedure multiple times.