Application roles in the Snowflake Connector for PostgreSQL


The Snowflake Connector for PostgreSQL is subject to the Connector Terms.

The following sections describe application roles available in the connector application:





All the application roles are automatically assigned to the account level role responsible for installing the application on the account. They can be then reassigned for easier control over the connector application access. More on that: GRANT APPLICATION ROLE.

ADMIN application role

The ADMIN application role can be used to view connector configuration and state. It also allows to execute procedures contained in the application.

AGENT application role

The AGENT application role is used by the agent in order to be able to perform replication process. Should not be used manually.

VIEWER application role

The VIEWER application role provides access to view basic configuration of the connector.

DATA_READER application role

The DATA_READER application role can be used to give read privileges on replicated data without access to the connector application itself.

In order to view replicated data, a user needs to have following privileges:

  • USAGE grant on destination database

  • USAGE grant on destination schema

  • SELECT grant on destination table

The connector grants USAGE / SELECT privileges to this role on all destination databases, schemas and tables created by the application.


Be aware, that the DATA_READER application role is provided with privileges only on objects created by the application. If the destination database or destination schema already exists and is not owned by the connector application, the connector won’t be able to grant proper privileges to the DATA_READER role on these objects. In such case, account level roles with the DATA_READER application role need to be manually supplemented with the USAGE grant on these objects.