What is the Snowflake Marketplace?

Learn more about the Snowflake Marketplace in the context of monetizing your data products.

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The Snowflake Marketplace

The Snowflake Marketplace is where Snowflake customers can discover and access third-party data and services, as well as market their own data products across the Data Cloud. Your organization is working hard to build its data legacy. Using Marketplace listings, Snowflake enables you to turn that legacy into data products.

Recognizing the costs inherent in creating and maintaining that data, the Snowflake Marketplace enables you to share that cost with consumers of your data in a way that is optimized for the cloud. Your listings in the Marketplace also provide a way to share curated data offerings with many consumers simultaneously, rather than maintaining individual sharing relationships with each consumer.

Consumers, the individuals and organizations that get access to your data from your Marketplace listings, are looking for many things:

  • Historical data for research, forecasting, and machine learning.

  • Up-to-date streaming data, such as current weather and traffic conditions.

  • Specialized identity data for understanding subscribers and audience targets.

  • New insights from unexpected sources of data.

The Marketplace is also a great platform for existing data relationships. By bringing your data products to the Marketplace, existing consumers of your data can create Snowflake accounts and get all of the advantages that come with using Snowflake. You can support the same data relationships by creating listings for your customers, while also creating a revenue stream by marketing the listings to new consumers.

How is the Snowflake Marketplace Different?

The Marketplace, powered by Snowflake’s groundbreaking approach to data in the cloud, allows you to deliver data to your consumers in uniquely fast, secure, and cost-effective ways.

  • Access to your data product is instantaneous. When a consumer purchases your listing in the Marketplace, they can immediately start working with your product. There is no additional cost and no time dedicated to ingesting your data product.

  • Consumers always have the latest version of your data. Because your data never moves, there is no lag time between when you update your data and when consumers see those updates.

  • A central platform and experience. Once your consumer has a Snowflake account and is using the Marketplace, purchasing additional products from you becomes as simple as viewing your other listings. They can expect the same performance and consistency for every product they purchase.

  • Cross-cloud availability. Snowflake’s architecture makes it easier to share the same dataset to customers across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud.

  • A highly secure environment. Snowflake’s security measures are tailored to sharing data in the cloud. Your data product, and the relationship between you and your consumer, is protected by that cutting edge approach.

  • A vibrant, growing ecosystem. The Snowflake Marketplace is the only platform that makes the relationship between provider and consumer so straightforward. Establishing a foothold in that business space and maturing your organization’s approach to data collaboration elevates your current data products and provides fertile ground for new offerings.

To learn more about using the Snowflake Marketplace, see Introduction to the Snowflake Marketplace

Core Marketplace Concepts


Providers are the source of products in the Marketplace. Providers create listings and share data products. For more information about being a Marketplace Provider, see Snowflake Marketplace Monetization for Data Providers.


Consumers are the individuals and organizations using products in the marketplace, whether accessing free data or making purchases. For more information about being a Marketplace Consumer, see Snowflake Marketplace Monetization for Data Consumers.

Data Product

Data products are curated collections of tables, views, user-defined functions, and other data shared from your account, via a share.


Listings are used to add rich metadata to your data products, and help make them discoverable to Snowflake customers across different clouds and regions. Snowflake offers different types of listings:

  • Free listings provide consumers with instant, free access to your data product.

  • Monetized listings let you choose a method of charging consumers for your data product, while also providing a free sample version of the product.

  • Personalized listings are visible in the marketplace but require consumers to request access to your data product before they can use it.


A collection of objects from a single database. A share can include objects such as tables, views, and user-defined functions.


In the context of the Marketplace, regions are the cloud regions provided by platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Snowflake customers are spread out across clouds and regions.


Replication is the process of duplicating data from one Snowflake region to another.

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