Introduction to the Snowflake Marketplace

The Snowflake Marketplace utilizes Snowflake Secure Data Sharing to connect providers of data with consumers. You can discover and access a variety of third-party data and have those datasets available directly in your Snowflake account to query without transformation and join it with your own data. If you need to use several different vendors for data sourcing, the Snowflake Marketplace gives you one single location from where to get the data.

You can also become a provider and publish data in the Snowflake Marketplace, which is an attractive proposition if you are thinking about data monetization and different routes to market.

The Snowflake Marketplace is available globally to all non-VPS Snowflake accounts hosted on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, with the exception of Microsoft Azure Government. Support for Microsoft Azure Government is planned.

The Snowflake Marketplace leverages Snowsight. Once you log in to your Snowflake account, click the Marketplace button, which opens a new tab. Log in one more time, using your Snowflake user credentials.


If you are using private connectivity to access the Snowflake Marketplace through Snowsight, you must first create a CNAME record, as described in the Snowflake documentation:

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What Can I Do in the Snowflake Marketplace?

Once you join the Snowflake Marketplace:

  • As a data provider, you can:

    • Publish data listings for free-to-use datasets to generate interest and new opportunities among the Snowflake customer base.

    • Publish data listings for datasets that can be customized for the consumer.

    • Share live datasets securely and in real-time without creating copies of the data or imposing data integration tasks onto the consumer.

    • Eliminate the costs of building and maintaining APIs and data pipelines to deliver data to customers.

  • As a data consumer, you can:

    • Discover and test third party data sources.

    • Receive frictionless access to raw data products from vendors.

    • Combine new datasets with your existing data in Snowflake to derive new business insights.

    • Have datasets available instantly and updated continually for users.

    • Eliminate the costs of building and maintaining various APIs and data pipelines to load and update data.

    • Use the BI tools of your choice.

Types of Data Listings

The Snowflake Marketplace offers two types of data listings which define how data is shared and consumed.

Once published, both types of listings are displayed to consumers in the selected regions. The key difference between free and personalized listings is the ability to access the data share. Personalized listings allow you to control which consumers can access the data.

Free Listings

A free listing provides instant access to a published data set. This type of listing is best for providing generic, aggregated, or non-customer-specific data. Each listing includes details about the shared data, sample queries, and information about the data provider.

Free listings can be entirely free to access, or listings that you pay for off the Snowflake platform, or paid off-platform listings.

To access data from a free listing, consumers click Get, opening a prompt where they name the database for Snowflake users, permission access among Snowflake users, and agree to the provider’s terms of use and Snowflake’s consumer terms. Clicking Create Database immediately creates the database inside their Snowflake account in the Databases tab.

Only users that have a role with the IMPORT SHARE privilege can create databases from the Snowflake Marketplace.

Personalized Data Listings

A personalized listing allows customers to request specific data sets.

This can be premium data that a provider charges for or data that is specific to each consumer. Each listing includes details about the shared data, sample usage examples, and information about the data provider.

To access data from a personalized listing, consumers must submit a request by clicking the Request button, and provide their contact information. Once a request is submitted, the data provider is notified. The provider then contacts the consumer.

Each data provider can have different commercial terms. Once those are agreed to, then the personalized data set is created and shared with the consumer.

How do I Access the Snowflake Marketplace to Browse Listings?


You can access the Marketplace only if it is enabled in your region.

All users can browse listings in the Snowflake Marketplace, but only users with the ACCOUNTADMIN role or the IMPORT SHARE privilege can get or request data.

If you do not have sufficient privileges, you can do one of the following:

  • Request your ACCOUNTADMIN to grant you the Import Share privilege.

  • Request your ACCOUNTADMIN to get data, and grant you IMPORTED PRIVILEGES on the database created from the share. For more information, see Granting Privileges on a Shared Database.

To access the Snowflake Marketplace as a data consumer, in the left navigation bar of Snowsight, the Snowsight web interface, click Marketplace.

How do I Request New Data or Data Providers to be Added to the Snowflake Marketplace?

You can request to join the Snowflake Marketplace as a provider or suggest new data sets to be added to the Snowflake Marketplace using either Snowsight or web forms in the Snowflake website:


In the left navigation bar of Snowsight, click Marketplace, and scroll to the bottom of the page:

  • Click Get in touch to submit a request to become a data provider.

  • Click Let us know to suggest new data to be added to the Snowflake Marketplace.

Web Form

On the Snowflake website:

  • To submit a request to become a data provider, scroll down the Snowflake Marketplace page and fill out the Want to Become a Snowflake Marketplace Partner form.

  • To submit a request for new data to be added to the Snowflake Marketplace, fill out the Request New Dataset form on the Snowflake Marketplace Request for Data Sets page.

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