Accessing Listings as a Consumer

This topic contains procedures for accessing listings as a consumer.

In this Topic:

Access a Private Listing

To access a private listing, do the following:

  1. Sign in to Snowsight, then select Data » Private Sharing.

  2. Select Shared with Me.

  3. Under Private Listings, select the listing you want to use.

  4. Click Get.

Allow Providers to Share Private Listings into Your VPS

If you have a Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS) account, you can choose to allow providers with non-VPS accounts to share private listings with you. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Contact the provider to collect the following information about the provider account:

    1. Organization name of the provider

    2. Account locator

    For more details about how to locate this information, see Account Identifiers.

  2. Contact Snowflake Support and ask for listing auto-fulfillment to be enabled so that a specific provider can target accounts within your VPS. Include the following information:

    1. VPS deployment name

    2. VPS accounts that you want to have access to private listings.

    3. Provider organization name

    4. Provider account locator

  3. Identify your organization name and share it with the provider. If you don’t know your organization name, select Admin » Accounts to view the organization name above the account names.

  4. Using your organization name, the provider shares a private listing with your organization account(s) and lets you know.

  5. Locate the private listing and click Get to request it. If the listing is a paid listing or contains applications or connectors, your Organization Administrator must agree to the Snowflake Consumer Terms of Service to gain access to the listing.

  6. After the request is granted, the contents of the listing replicate into the secure shared area of your VPS deployment and you can begin using it.

Providers must follow the steps outlined in Share Private Listings with Consumers Using VPS.

How Private Listing Access Works for VPS Consumers

To maintain the security of the VPS, Snowflake creates a secure shared area using listing auto-fulfillment. When you let a provider share private listings with your VPS accounts, Snowflake replicates those listings into this secure shared area.

Providers do not gain direct access to your VPS region. See Support for Auto-fulfillment in Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS).

Providers receive usage data and other details described in The Provider Studio Analytics Tab.

Accessing Marketplace Listings

You can browse listings in the Snowflake Marketplace, or view your requests for private and personalized listings.

Browsing Listings in Marketplace

After you log in to Snowsight, select Marketplace to view available listings.

  • For free (or paid off-platform) listings, click Get Data to create a database from the shared data inside your Snowflake account.

  • For personalized listings, click Request to request access to the data. An email notification is sent to the data provider with your request.

  • For paid listings, see Snowflake Marketplace Monetization for Data Consumers.

Viewing Listing Requests in Marketplace

You can view all your requests on the My Requests page.

If the request is approved:

  1. Sign in to Snowsight, then select Marketplace.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the page, select My Requests.

  3. Select an approved listing, then select Get Data.

  4. Enter a name for the database to create in your account from the share.

  5. Select roles to grant access to the database created from the share.

  6. Select Get Data.

After you create the database from the share, you see a Query Data button instead of a Get Data button in the listing.

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