Configuring service account authentication for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


An application that authenticates to Google using a service account must provide a service account key file with correct roles set.

To provide the service account key file, you must create a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project first. Refer to the GCP documentation to learn how to create a GCP project.

Creating a service account key

The following procedure describes how to create a service account:

  1. To open the service account creator, select APIs & Services » Credentials in your GCP project.

  2. Select Create credentials » service account.

  3. In the Service account details form type in a service account name of your choice.

  4. In the Grant this service account access to project section you need to grant this service account at least the following set of roles: BigQuery Data Viewer, BigQuery Read Session User and BigQuery Job User.

  5. After creating a service account find it on the list in the Credentials section and press on its name in order to manage the service account.

  6. Select Keys » Add key » Create a new key.

  7. In the key type selection view choose the recommended JSON type and press Create in order to save the service account key, which will be needed during the connector configuration.