Snowflake Data Clean Rooms: Web app overview

The web app of a Snowflake Data Clean Room provides a user interface to create, share, and use a Snowflake Data Clean Room. It allows non-technical business users to collaborate in a secure environment. Tasks within the clean room are simplified, for example:

  • Providers use drop-down lists to select which tables to share and which columns the consumer can join on.

  • Providers choose from pre-defined analysis templates to control how a consumer accesses data in the clean room.

  • Consumers run powerful analyses without using SQL or any other programming language.

Web app hosting


The web app of a Snowflake Data Clean Room is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Be aware that using the web app to work with your data in a clean room can result in that data being processed on AWS.

All data is processed in the AWS US East (N. Virginia), regardless of the cloud and region of your Snowflake account.


Before you can use the web app, an administrator must configure the clean room environment and add you as a user. For details, see Getting started with Snowflake Data Clean Rooms.

Sign in to the web app

Once an administrator has added you to the clean room, you can sign in to the web app using the following procedure:

  1. Navigate to the sign in page.

  2. Enter your email address, and select Continue.

  3. Enter your password. If this is the first time signing in to a clean room, you are prompted to specify your name and to set a password.

  4. If you are associated with multiple clean rooms, select the Snowflake account associated with the clean room you want to work with.

Learning Resources

Once you have signed into the web app of the clean room, you can use the Help Center to guide you in creating, sharing, and using a clean room.

You can also take a quick tour or complete a simple tutorial to learn more.