Add Snowflake tables to a Snowflake Data Clean Room

When an administrator initially configured the environment for a Snowflake Data Clean Room, they registered the databases that contain the tables available to clean room collaborators.

When tables, schemas, and databases are added to the Snowflake account after this initial configuration, the administrator must refresh the clean room environment before collaborators can work with these tables in a clean room. Administrators must follow this process even if the database that contains the new tables was previously registered.

To register new tables, schemas, or databases in the clean room environment:

  1. Navigate to the sign in page.

  2. Select Snowflake Admin.

  3. Select Login to Snowflake, and authenticate as a user with the ACCOUNTADMIN role.

  4. Do one of the following:

    1. If you added a new schema or table to a previously registered database, select Resync.

    2. If you added a new database, select Edit, and then select the database.